About me Gendrago! Personally and as a leader

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About me Gendrago! Personally and as a leader

Post by Gendrago on Sat Dec 24, 2016 4:16 am

About me

Meet our clan leader! Born and raised in New Jersey, USA, He has been an avid World of Warcraft and Blizzard games player since Vanilla…Ever since he was a young man, World of Warcraft has been a place to escape from the struggles of life and also a teacher for some of the more important morals that we learn growing up; including how to develop team building skills, genuine friendships, and much more.

One late night in 2012 he started a guild with his best friend and girlfriend. After hours of discussion they named the guild “Klownz.” Klownz was meant to be a small fun social guild, but ended up being not only a hobby but a place where “Gendrago” has met some of the most genuine people and friends he could have ever asked for. The guild name “Klownz” along with many of these friends carried over to the clan “klownz” in the Supercell game Clash of Clans and eventually Clash Royale where Gendrago not only made more friends but acquired his fame. You may have seen Gendrago’s account before on popular video podcaster posts and tweets such as “Eclihpse” and “Clash on Gan." When Gendrago quickly hit 20,000 wins faster than any other player in the world and with most of them being three crown wins these star podcasters attempted to play his deck live on their shows to see if they could see his strategy but unfortunately for them they had no luck. He is currently around 35,000 wins (these do not count challenge mode or tournament wins). Since then Klownz has boomed with supportive fans and a growing team of fun loving individuals who come not only for the friendly battles, tournaments and excitement but mostly for the comradery and friendship. Gendrago’s passion lives in these Supercell and Blizzard games as you will soon see when you check him out on Gendrago_Gaming@youtube.com and Twitch.tv/Gendrago_gaming (both launching within a week). Check in, and enjoy the show. Subscribe and be a part of his community that will support him in his rise to be the best of the best!

About Gendrago as a clan leader:

I have been running guilds and clans since the launch of world of Warcraft in 2004. I have also worked as a manager for a company who is on the “Forbes top 100 list” for the past ten years and I  have been responsible myself for around a million dollars a year with that company. I personally believe that I have seen and or made many management successes and mistakes along the way and from them have learned how to build and foster the dream community and team. A vital part of being a leader in Klownz is ensuring that the values of the clan are instilled in the members, upheld by them and that the clan continuous to be happy, growing and prosperous.  I cannot do this on my own…I have seen many  great clans, guilds, and teams crumble, because the leader tries to do everything and gets burned out with no second in command to help get things done. This only ends in disaster as the clan ends up being poorly taken care and is neglected and then eventually disbands. I care too much about Klownz to allow this to ever happen, which is why I surround myself with extremely talented and caring individuals who understand my vision and want to build Klownz as a family. I feel blessed to have some of the most amazing clan mates that I have ever had the pleasure of playing with and have had so many people who have stepped up to help grow the clan.
There have been many times where people have been worried about bothering me for random things: please be assured that this is not a concern that you should have. It is my pleasure to be available for you all in any way I can be. Please feel free to come to me about anything. I also appreciate direct honest feedback on any policies or issues in the clan and I will never flame anyone for giving me a direct and honest opinion. I do not pretend to have all the answers or ideas. Any feedback is welcomed. PLEASE DO NOT BE “YES” MEN/WOMEN!!! (people who just say “that’s great” to any idea no matter how bad it may be)
If I approach you about taking the next step to co leader please do not feel pressured or obligated to accept any higher rank or responsibility if it is not something you want to do. I would hate to have a good member feel pressured…I will not have any bad blood towards you. Rather it will be a compliment from me to you on your high standards and effort that you put into our clan.

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