How to earn Elder and Co Leader!

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How to earn Elder and Co Leader!

Post by Gendrago on Sat Dec 24, 2016 4:14 am


Another question that is commonly asked is how to get promoted to elder and coleader. Elder is earned by being in the clan for a relatively decent amount of time, while consistently demonstrating that you not only understand but live the values of klownz and being an active helpful member. I wish there was a rank between elder and co-leader for above high standard players but I am extremely strict with my coleader requirements and have thus far only given co-leader to two individuals in the last year and then just recently promoted three more. I DONT mean any disrespect to clans who do this, but I find it very strange to go into a clan and see almost half the members are co leaders. I am not like that and I take co-leader very seriously. There are two types and ranks of coleaders I am looking for: Klownz coleader; coleader of ALL Klownz and  Sub clan co-leader; Co-leader of klownz2,3+. To obtain the rank of co-leader of Klownz as a whole (you would have to be an active member of Klowns (1) first before being promoted.)  You have to demonstrate everything listed above in the elder job description, but also you must step up also in a way to make our clan more successful with a special level of commitment. For co-leader there is no x,y,z guideline to make you co leader. Co-leader DaGr81 is a great example of this; He stepped up above and beyond and has committed time and energy excelling rank requirements of an elder, helping people with their decks, helping us grow by getting us on the map with YouTubers, actively recruiting for the clan, and he has ambition and willingness to grow Klownz 2 as well.

I am the type of leader that believes that as we grow as a community. It is ill advised to do everything on my own.  I am blessed to have some of the most amazing members in Klownz to help, but I will need more of these wonderful individuals to stand up into leadership roles and help klownz grow our family. I am also looking for co-leaders of Klownz 2, 3+ which would be people in those clans who are ok with remaining in their clan, but who have demonstrated our values, have been helpful to current members and have welcomed new members; explaining to the new members who we are and inviting them to look at our many family resources. These co-leaders will help make sure that the standards of Klownz are being upheld in the clan that they are co-leading.
Currently, this is the leadership of Klownz if you are looking for somebody to go to:
Gendrago- Leader of al clans- Alts: Gendrago2 and Gendrago3
DaGr81- Co leader of all clans – Alts: DaGr82
Rainbow City – Co Leader of all clans
Slay- Co leader of all clans-  Alts: HappensToBeSlay, MaybeSlay
Ashley- Co leader of all clans - Alts: -----
Brooksee- Co leader of all clans - Alts: -----
Dewyunchained- Co leader of all clans - Alts: Dewy
MrS0x_Twitch Co leader of all clans - Alts: -----
CynicalFate Co leader of all clans - Alts: -----
Gammofly/Twitch Co leader of all clans - Alts: -----
BunkerJames Co leader of all clans - Alts: ----- (he currently resides in Klownz 4 with his previous clan)

If you are looking to be a co leader and or sub co leader please communicate your desire to me (Gendrago).  If you decide to go for co-leader of all clans, please have suggestions prepared in advance to offer me to help the clan grow. If you are looking for any opportunity to help the clan; check form post! We have a list of roles that the clan needs filled.
Last, but not least, If I approach you about taking the next step to co leader please do not feel pressured or obligated to accept any higher rank or responsibility if it is not something you want to do. I would hate to have a good member feel pressured…I will not have any bad blood towards you. Rather it will be a compliment from me to you on your high standards and effort that you put into the guild.

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