Klownz requirments and rules!

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Klownz requirments and rules!

Post by Gendrago on Sat Dec 24, 2016 4:13 am

For those who don’t know, I have been featured on YouTubers Gan and Eclihpse’s channels for my massive wins and wins to three-crown ratio. I have put a lot of time and energy into this game as I will be making this my career. Apart from my own personally success in game; Klownz as a clan and specifically some of our top players have started to build quite the reputation among twitch broadcasters so please remember that the way you present yourself in game as far as BMing (bad manners) represents klownz community poorly and is not acceptable if you want be a part of this family. Make no mistake I am a very sarcastic individual and appreciate humor as much as the rest of you. It is absolutely understandable to be this way to friends and people who know you and your personality but please be careful not to do so on broadcasting sites or to individuals you are unfamiliar with. You, as a Klownz member represent us.

I have a you tube and twitch channel. Any replays I post in clan chat may not be used in anybody else’s channels or videos without my direct permission. However, if you and I play in a tournament and you play me – that is fair game. As a courtesy I ask that anyone in the clan that has a you tube or twitch account please let me know. As a side note this would be welcome information so that we can promote each other on our streams.
We have no donation requirements. This has never been an issue for us and if it ever becomes an issue I will address it at that time.

Recently, the question of how to get into Klownz (1) has arisen quite often among our sub clan members. I will specify requirements here:

For Klownz (1) I am looking for players who are active daily, are socially active in the clan, participate in clan events, have 3000ish trophies and are overall friendly and compatible to our guild. However, all factors are weighed if you want to come to Klownz (1) so if you have a 2000 trophy score, but you have extremely high standards and represent them daily in our other clans by helping team mates and participating in events then I will not hold you back just for a mere 1000 trophies. Like I said...ALL of these requirements will be weighed accordingly. Also, I am aware that real life events and vacations happen where you will not be available for a small amount of time and I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. We will not kick you, because you have a legitimate excuse for a small amount of time. If you are an active member in Klownz (1) and you will be unactive for a long period of time I will get you in another Klownz clan and you will be put ahead of the list to rejoin Klownz (1) when you return. In Klownz (1) only DaGr81 and myself can invite people. We have other people who we will talk to personally who can invite people as well (such as Slay, Midas). In sub clans Klownz 2+ we are looking to find good people to build the Klownz family so anyone will be allowed to invite whoever they please to be a part of the clan.

Clash of Clans rules
If you are one of our “Clash of Clans” Klownz members this applies to you: I handle all of the donations while I am awake. Before I go to bed I will alert the clan: when I do this you will be expected to fill each others requests. But while I am awake I have no use for dark elixir and that will soon be the case also for elixir….so do not worry about requesting as much as you need. All I ask is that if you are a maxed account or one level away from max with clan perks; that you fill me when I request and help fill some war donations. To join our clan, we ask that you are active, courteous and friendly. Currently we only have one clan in “Clash of Clans” but it is almost full so this may change. We are not as strict in “Clash of Clans” as in “Clash Royale.” However, for clan wars we are extremely strict: When you are in the guild you are expected to keep your flag current. (Green if you are able to war and red if you are not.) If you are a new member and do not want to war please red flag yourself right away. For those who are not aware of how to do this, there is a button that says “clan wars” on your main profile and all you have to do is click it for the flag option. If you do not attack in a clan war after signing up for the war you will be sat for two weeks. If this happens a second time we will need to talk about your war participation in the clan. If you have been consistent for a while and something happens and you have a legitimate excuse- of course, I will understand. No consequences. If you are a town hall nine or higher you must change your war flag to red if either of your heroes are down and will not be ready for war time. DO NOT FORGET!!!! We value winning the war as a clan over personal loot…although presently Supercell has made this A LOT less of an issue…you should be attacking appropriate town halls. If you have any issues or questions about which town hall to attack or any war related problems please speak to Gendrago, Master Kappa or Jaymanstyle. They will be happy to help you and we much rather you ask than attack a target outside of your ability. Although we happily accept rushed bases into our clan; we will not be placing any rushed bases into the war. (CLICK https://imgur.com/J8OqrmW IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT A RUSHED BASE IS)

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